White Wine on The Moon Again with Killer Brilliance

White Wine have swiftly become repeat offenders on The Moon as their second LP was featured back in April 2016. The duo have since become a trio with the addition of Chistian Kuhr on drums. The new LP carries on the inventive and thoroughly modern rock n' roll from its predecessor and is described by band leader Joe Haeg, in the blurb on the Bandcamp page, as:

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The Young’uns on The Moon

The Young'uns are a folk trio from the land to the north east of The North who provided the spine tingling Brewster & Wagner to A Best of 2015 on The Moon . It brilliantly recounts a tale of a  German sergeant coming to the rescue of a British soldier and serving him bread and wine in a shell hole in 1915. It was the last track on their last LP and their new LP Strangers carries on where it left off by celebrating a number of heroes from the past and present.
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