Nadine Shah and Ghostpoet on The Moon Again

The Moon presents another two repeat offenders who both featured on A Best of 15
They have also previously worked together as Nadine Shah was a guest vocalist on two tracks from Shedding Skin Ghostpoet's excellent 2015 album
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Moon Film Reviews: The Big Sick and Dunkirk

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film) thinks that 'The Big Sick' is Big and Sick and is indeed 'The Big Sick'. It is a superb film, excellently acted and excellently written. Despite it being billed as a 'romcom', Your Cultural Correspondent (Film) did not laugh once – in a good way. Laughter, one of The Big Fella's biggest gifts to us, would not, we thought, have done justice to the seriousness of the subject matter nor the situation the protagonists found themselves in.
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