Moon Film Review: Hampstead

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film etc) approached 'Hampstead' with some trepidation. The main reasons being its title and obvious location. Still the desire to see the sadly not able to be Dame-pending Miss Diane Keaton overcame ones anxiety. And thank goodness it did. For the film, inspired by the story of Harry Hallowes was very enjoyable. The players were superb, not least Miss Keaton and Mr Brendan Gleeson.
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#GE2017 – England is Woke

Their England is a Lie 

Due to the semi-democratic nature of the British two-party state, there is always a focus on the number of seats won in the immediate aftermath of a general election, but I think it is far better to look at the way people actually voted. Though it is not a very accurate representation of the true will of the people as many voters will have voted for their second choice candidate.

Therefore, I think the best way to look at the result is to divide the parties into progressive and reactionary camps and on that score, the progressives are clear winners.
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