A great missive from one of God’s very own:It is to be hoped…

A great missive from one of God’s very own:

It is to be hoped that Labour supporters heed the warnings of Tony Blair before Jeremy Corbyn is allowed to land us in an abyss  similar to the Seventies.

Let me remind you it was a time when high streets were awash with retail outlets, and it was difficult to find a pawn shop let alone a pay-day lender. When young people were allowed to aspire to a university education without fear of tuition fee debt. A time when it was common for young couples to set up home and start their families in their twenties, many even having the temerity to buy their own house.

Do we really want to go back to a time when our society was in the grip of a period of unprecedented economic equality and child poverty was at a historical low? Do we really want to go back to the days when the utilities merely provided energy and water for the country without being a licence to print money for their shareholders? Or a railway system existed that only took a third of today’s subsidies to run?

And hang it all are we really expected to accept the fact that productivity was higher then than now at a time when zero-hours contracts were unknown? Of course not. It runs against all the perceived wisdom of the free-market economy.  It would be like saying Father Christmas does not exist!

Alan Millington

Beverley, Yorkshire



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