Moon Film Reviews: Jersey Boys and Chef

The boys in action. 

Subsequent research has revealed that 'Jersey Boys' (the film) has received mixed reviews and, shock, horror, it only reached number four in the American box office charts on its week of release.  Don't, however, let this 'failure' prevent you attending a screening of the film for it is, in the opinion of your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre), very good.  A good old-fashioned film: entertaining, well-acted, well-directed (un applauso to Mr Eastwood) even if the asides to camera were a bit irritating (it's not 'Up Pompeii' after all), and quite moving in parts.  Of course, and above all, there were the songs.  All those marvellous songs which are encouraging your Cultural Correspondent to book a ticket to the musical.  So there might be a theatre review pending.

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