A Best of the Rest of Valerie June on the Moon

I mentioned in my post on her brilliant album of last year that Miss June had released a number of other albums before . Well now these albums are all available on both Deezer and Spotify. Her earlier work is quite different from Pushin' Against a Stone which was produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys fame and now a Lana Del Rey collaborator, except for the the more appalachian blues folk of the gorgeous cover of Trials, Trouble, Tribulations and the brilliant Twined and Twisted a song that also appears on two of her previous releases. The version from her debut album is featured on the playlist below and is my favourite. Check it out a live version via the wonder of Ubend below:

For the Flashless here is a link to the video on Ubend

Most of the other tracks in the playlist below also would fit well into the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack and so sound like they could have been written and recorded in the early part of last century. Some of the songs are traditional but many of the best are not are as great as Twas Twined and Twisted. There is even a feminist anthem about wearin' no draws. Below is the Spotify playlist but as Pushin' Against the Stone was a remarkably popular post via Deezer for the Moon so you can access the Deezer version here.

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