An Unexpected Journey from N8 to 820 and the End of Orange Panthers

The back of a black Nokia 820 

In late November last year the flash memory of my Nokia N8 disappeared after it crashed. It had managed 20 months of being my stereo, camera, mobile PC, torch and now and then as a telephone. It had been fantastic despite having an operating system on death row. I was able to sync multiple email accounts and view and share from Feedly via the excellent gNewsReader app. Web browsing was its greatest weakness compared to more modern smartphones but the Opera browser did a brilliant job of speeding it up.

Its great strengths were the amazing camera, the battery and music, especially as a stereo if used with either Deezer or Spotify. With my Orange contract I got free Deezer Mobile which meant I could sync Deezer tracks and my own MP3 to the phone via the cloud before the iCloud existed. It also had great audio and an FM transmitter as well as a DAB headset and app.

However without the flash memory it was not a lot of use but it was still within its 2 year warranty and so off it went via UPS (eventually) to Nokia. They were very quick to respond to say it had arrived and a week later I got another email but it was blank. The next day however a package arrived but it was not my old N8 or even a new one but a Nokia 820 Windows phone….
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