A Very Best of Billy Bragg and More on the Moon

There has always been a lot more to Mr Bragg than his general image as the atypical protest singer even if in this day and age he is no doubt regarded as a national treasure. To me he is simply a great songwriter who has produced brilliant songs for the last 30 years and many of his best are just great love songs with brilliantly emotionally raw lyrics or some that are just very funny. I don't think all his protest songs work but when they do they are brilliant such as the barnstorming live version of To Have and to Have Not in the playlist below as well as the more recent such as We're Following the Wrong Star. To me these songs are just as, or more relevant now, then when they were first released. Then there is the likes of Must I Paint you a Picture which is a great love song that even one of the greatest fans Dame Shirley Bassey declared on first listen that it could be one for the Dame. Below the playlist there is links to a number of other playlist charting what I think is the essential Billy Bragg along with a best of the Mermaid Avenue albums he did with Wilco for which they wrote the music to go with lyrics left by the great Woody Guthrie. For non streaming subscribers much of the material from them can be purchased for very little cost by downloading the Vol 1&2 box sets along with the complete Mermaid Avenue sessions.
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