Goodbye Google Reader and Streamified – Long Live the Old Reader or Feedly? And Social Media updates via RSS.

First Google announced they were killing off Google Reader then Streamified stopped being free and will now soon come to an end as the founder has joined Airbnb

The Streamified blog also had this post  The Future of Social Reading is NOT another Reader which links to a good post on Google Reader alternatives and says that though RSS is now archaic it is just too embedded in the web and won't "go away any time soon" and also explains how
Streamified enhanced feeds by pulling content from the links. This meant that
for a Facebook shared link post you could see all the text from the article
as well as view the images or embedded video whilst in Streamified. A
link post in Tumblr to a YouTube video just shows just a link in Tumblr
but viewing the same Tumblr post in Streamified you would see the video
and be able to play it. Below is a screen shot of a moonblogsfromsyb post from the God in the TV site that was sent to Tumblr as a private post.

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